The Beginnings of Islamic Law: Late Antique Islamicate Legal Traditions

12:30 - 2 p.m.
Stephens Hall 340
Lena Salaymeh, Tel Aviv University

Like artists who use a combination of recycled and new materials, Muslim jurists crafted their legal opinions by fusing ancient norms, scripture, Prophetic precedents, local practice, and contemporaneous needs in unexpected ways. The craft of legal recycling produced works whose component parts are not easily identifiable or classifiable. Much law was simultaneously Islamic, tribal, Jewish, … Continued

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Covering and Uncovering Iran in the Age of Trump: A Conversation with Journalists Jason Rezaian (Washington Post) and Melissa Etehad (Los Angeles Times)

6 - 7:30 p.m.
Wheeler Hall 322
Jason Rezaian, Washington Post and CNN & Melissa Etehad, Los Angeles Times & Persis Karim, Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies, San Francisco State University

As the profession of journalism has been attacked and undermined by the charges of “fake news” from the Trump Administration, many journalists are doubling down in the effort to cover important international news that is so often has sidelined by domestic daily headlines. Reporting about Iran and US-Iran relations, covering the “Muslim Ban” and its … Continued

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