Clinton Global Initiative University Commitment Makers: Panel and Discussion

Four of the Berkeley student groups selected to participate in the Clinton Global Initiative University have created "Commitments to Action" aiming to address relevant issues within the Middle East. Every year, Clinton Global Initiative University brings together students, university representatives, and topic experts to tackle pressing global challenges through innovative solutions called “Commitments to Action.” Join CMES tomorrow 3/29 from 4-6pm for a student panel discussing their projects selected for the CGIU 2016, which will be held at UC Berkeley this weekend.

Speakers: Oleg Salamatov, Calvin Tsang, and Reina Marie Sasaki “[co]Defy,” Yagana Parwak and Osman Shokoor “Warmth to Rural Afghanistan,” Robert Snyder “Health in Transition,” Yasmine El-Hage “Questionaid"

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