The Major in Middle Eastern Studies Details

The MES major* is administered through the International and Area Studies (IAS) Office. The IAS office provides information on all administrative aspects of the major, including advice on when and how to declare, fulfilling requirements, and timely program completion. Academic advising—including planning a course of study to suit individual needs and interests, identifying a thesis topic and advisor, and career counseling—is offered by the MES Chair.

The MES major should not be confused with the major in Near Eastern Studies, which emphasizes language and literature and includes the study of the ancient Near East. Students interested in those fields should contact the Department of Near Eastern Studies.


*Middle Eastern Studies is an undergraduate [major/minor] open to UC Berkeley students having matriculated during or before Fall 2016. Students must declare the MES [major/minor] by the end of Spring 2018. MES will be replaced by Global Studies (with several tracks), and more details about the Global Studies major can be found at this link.