International and Area Studies, Middle East track Details

DEPTARTMENT/UNIT: International and Area Studies

The MA degree in International and Area Studies (IAS) is a two-year concurrent Masters program. It is an interdisciplinary program designed to complement the graduate degree work by providing the fundamentals of contemporary international issues and/or detailed knowledge on particular world regions or countries. The MA degree in International and Area Studies provides wide flexibility in crafting an individual interdisciplinary program complementing or enhancing the primary area of graduate study. Students tailor the content of their programs within a defined framework to suit their interests. Specific course work is chosen in consultation with a faculty adviser.

Please note that this program is available only to students who are currently registered in an UC Berkeley graduate program.

For More Information

Please visit the IAS website or contact:

Dreux Montgomery
Graduate Student Affairs Officer
International and Area Studies
101 Stephens Hall