Orit Bashkin, “From the Dung Hill to the Ariel Sharon Park: The Lives of Iraqi Jews in Israeli Transit Camps” (November 19, 2015)

In the years 1950-1951 about 120,000 Iraqi Jews arrived in Israel. They arrived penniless after their property was confiscated by the Iraqi government, and were settled by the Israeli government in transit camps all across the country. This talk examines examine the lives of such migrants in three transit camps that were built on the ruins of three neighboring Arab villages, Sakiya, Khariya, and Kefar 'Ana. This talk looked at how Iraqi men, women, and children dealt with racial discrimination, racism, poverty and police violence, through political organizations and cultural activities. This talk explored how refugees coped with the fact that they were settled by one of major dunghill of Tel Aviv. More broadly, this talk used this case study in social history to address questions relating to ethnicity, state power and resistance.