Dilemmas of Peace: Comparing the Greek and Armenian Communities during the Armistice period, 1918-1923

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  Friday, April 29, 2022
  9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  Online via Zoom
  Christine Philliou, History Department

Dilemmas of Peace: Comparing the Armenian and Greek Communities during the Armistice Period (1918-1923)

Opening Remarks

I. Self-Narration, Representation, and Cultural Heritage
1. Kutay Onayli (PhD student, Princeton)
“Ottoman Greek Satire in the Armistice Period”

2. Dr. Nazan Maksudyan (Einstein Guest Professor at the Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut of the Freie Universität Berlin; Research associate at the Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin)
“The Fall of a City: Exiles and Hostages in Ernest Hemingway’s Istanbul, 1922.”

3. Dr. Talin Suciyan (Associate Professor, Institute of Near and Middle Eastern Studies, Turkish/Ottoman Studies, Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich) and Paul Vartan Sookiasian (Independent Scholar)
“Letters from Purgatory: The Correspondence of Sourpik Tekian of Istanbul, Autumn 1922.”

4. Christin Zurbach (PhD candidate, Department of History, UC Berkeley)
"It Was a Dream That We Forgot": Karamanlı Self-Narrative in Armistice Istanbul (1918-1923)

5. Gizem Tongo (Lecturer, Department of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, Ankara)
“Portraits of Loss: Remembering the Great War in the Art of Post-War Istanbul.”

6. Heghnar Zeitlian Watenpaugh (Professor of Art History, University of California, Davis)
"Rescuing Armenian Cultural Heritage after the Genocide: Comparing the projects of Professor Francis W. Kelsey and Archbishop Artavazd Surmeyan."

II. Institutions, Society, and Politics (Part I: Keynote Speakers)
1. Alexis Alexandris (Diplomat and Historian)
“Greek-Ottomanism and Hellenic-Irredentism.”

2. Dr. Raymond Kévorkian (Director of research emeritus, Institut Français de Géopolitique, Université Paris VIII, Saint-Denis; President of Armenian Génocide Museum-Institute Foundation, Erevan.)
“The Constantinople Armenian Patriarchate’s Political and Social Management of the Post-War Situation in the Capital.”
II. Institutions, Society, and Politics (Part II)
1. Dr. Dimitris Kamouzis (Researcher, Centre for Asia Minor Studies, Athens)
“Dilemmas of Peace or Dilemmas of Greece? The Monopoly of Greek Patriotism in Occupied Istanbul (ca. 1919-1922).”

2. Dr. Dimitris Stamatopoulos (Professor, Department of History, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki)
"Doing Business in the Times of Crisis: Strategies of Survival and the Lawyer Vladimiros Mirmiriglou."

3. Charalambos Minasidis (PhD candidate, Department of History, UT Austin
"`I wish to receive my discharge papers in the City and then I will remove my khaki [uniform]': The Constantinopolitan Greek Orthodox society between (Re)mobilization and War Weariness during the Armistice Period (1918-23)."

III. International Dimension and Rescue
1. Dr. Edita Gzoyan (Deputy Scientific Director at the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute Foundation, Erevan)
“To the Rescue of Armenians and Greeks: The Activities of the League of Nations in Post-war Constantinople (1919-1927).”

2. Dr. Haakon Ikonomou (Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Copenhagen):
"A View from Geneva: An Ottoman Greek Negotiation of Istanbul's Past, Present and Future."

3. Dr. Ari Şekeryan (Independent Scholar; Manoogian Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Armenian Studies, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, 2020-2021)
“The Wilsonian Principles and Ottoman Armistice: Tracing the Idea of National Self-determination in Ottoman Turkish and Armenian Press.”

4. Dr. Aimee Genell (Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of West Georgia):
"The Privilege Question in the Armistice Press, 1918-1922.”

Closing Comments

Co-sponsored by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, the Armenian Studies Program at U.C. Berkeley, the Modern Greek and Hellenic Studies Program, and the Institute for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies.

Organized by Professors Christine Philliou (Department of History) and Stephan Astourian (Department of History).

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