UC Berkeley Library Gains Access to Al-Mandumah Database

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

UC Berkeley Library has successfully subscribed to Almandumah Database for Arabic resources. The database is accessible through the Library, on campus and off-campus with Cal ID login. No username or password needed.

The Library will have full access to the entire database for three years (up to March 2022). During this period the Library will examine the use of the database and if it is cost effective.

Based on the publisher, Almandumah is new to the US. This means that no other institution in the US has access to the rich content of the database but UC Berkeley. This also means that the publisher will be encouraged to facilitate the database to other US institutions based on the usage from Berkeley.  For that, please do your part and get this database fully utilized in your research and teaching, so hopefully others in the US would have access to it in the future.

Here is some information about the database, and what you find in it:

Almandumah is a comprehensive online full text database for Arabic scholarly output. It provides access to close-to one million Arabic items (1/3 in abstract), including 65K items mainly in English and other languages. The database provides access to about 1900 unique Arabic journals, about 2500 conferences, and 200,000 dissertations from all the Arab countries. 

Almandumah database consists of 6 specialized databases which are: AraBase for language and literature, IslamicInfo for Islamic studies and Islamic law, HumanIndex for humanities, EcoLink for economic and management studies, EduSearch for education, and Dissertations and Thesis which includes full text and abstracts for about 200,000 (1/2 in abstracts) from 170 schools across the Arab world.

Almandumah covers the Arabic scholarly output since 1920 until present. It is a dynamic database with an average of 80,000 new added items a year. 

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