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The California Consortium in Islamic Studies (CCIS) aims to spearhead interdisciplinary collaboration among institutions in California for the study of Islam from its origins to the contemporary period.  Based at the University of California, Berkeley, and as a partnership between the CMES and the Department of Near Eastern Studies, the CCIS encourages cross-disciplinary methods and approaches to Islamic Studies, including philology, history, philosophy, art practice, anthropology, art history, religious studies, and ethnography. The CCIS facilitates the co-organization and coordination of colloquia, conferences, courses, workshops, and lectures. It also assists in institutional cooperation and collaborations through faculty and undergraduate and graduate student exchanges. The CCIS also maintains a listserv that captures and disseminates information related to the academic study of Islam in California.











Wali Ahmadi, UC Berkeley

Azza Ahmad, UC Berkeley

Asad Q. Ahmed, UC Berkeley

Karen Barkey, UC Berkeley

Vincent Barletta, Stanford

Peter Bartu, UC Berkeley

Amanda Batarseh, UC San Diego

Anna Bigelow, Stanford

Benjamin Brinner, UC Berkeley

Ahmad Diab, UC Berkeley

Elsa Elmahdy, UC Berkeley

Racha El Omari, UC Santa Barbara

Samera Esmeir, UC Berkeley

Munis Faruqui, UC Berkeley

John Ganim, UC Riverside

Emily Gottreich, UC Berkeley

Nile Green, UCLA

Bruce Hall, UC Berkeley

John Hayes, UC Berkeley

Charles Hirschkind, UC Berkeley

Sherman Jackson, USC

Abhishek Kaicker, UC Berkeley

Ethan Katz, UC Berkeley

Hasan Kayali, UC San Diego

Asma Kazmi, UC Berkeley

Alexander Key, Stanford

Margaret Larkin, UC Berkeley

Anneka Lenssen, UC Berkeley

Maria Mavroudi, UC Berkeley

Nasser Meerkhan, UC Berkeley

Flagg Miller, UC Davis

Minoo Moallem, UC Berkeley

Haitham Mohamed, UC Berkeley

Amy Motlagh, UC Davis

Laura Nader, UC Berkeley

Stefania Pandolfo, UC Berkeley

Christine Philliou, UC Berkeley

Fatima Quraishi, UC Riverside

Alexandre Roberts, USC

Adam Sabra, UC Santa Barbara

Mohammad Salama, UCSF

Asma Sayeed, UCLA

Nir Shafir, UC San Diego

Omnia El Shakry, UC Davis

Jocelyn Sharlet, UC Davis

Baki Tezcan, UC Davis

Cihan Tugal, UC Berkeley

Jason Vivrette, UC Berkeley

Fariba Zarinebaf, UC Riverside


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