Turkish and Ottoman Studies

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The Turkish and Ottoman Studies Program at UC Berkeley is an interdisciplinary research group focused on the Ottoman Empire, its dissolution, and its legacy in the modern Middle East.  


Western Ottomanists Workshop (WOW): Annual meeting for graduate students and faculty in Ottoman/Turkish studies. 2016
Berkeley Ottoman Workshop: 2-week intensive summer program in Crete.  2017
Turkish and Ottoman Studies Lecture Series: Mustafa Aksakal (Georgetown); Aimee Genell (West Georgia State); Adam Mestyan (Duke); Mana Kia (Columbia); James Gelvin; Ussama Makdisi (Rice/Berkeley); Jane Hathaway (Ohio State); Baki Tezcan (UC Davis)
Ottoman language courses
Upcoming Events:
Graduate student workshop (February 2020): Turning Points: The Middle East and Balkans (1918-1923) [forthcoming]
Summer school on pluralism and the Turkish/Ottoman legacy in the Eastern Mediterranean [forthcoming]
Lectures and workshops on the post WWII peace agreements
Christine Philliou, (Associate Professor of History, CMES Senior Research Scholar, and Director of TOS Program)
Deniz Gokturk (Chair of the Department of German)
Cihan Tugal (Professor of Sociology; CMES Senior Research Scholar)
Jason Vivrette (Turkish Language Lecturer; CMES Senior Research Scholar)
Karen Barkey (Professor of Sociology/Haas Institute; CMES Senior Research Scholar)
Ussama Makdisi (Professor of History)

Center for Middle Eastern Studies
University of California, Berkeley
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