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Barbara Richter

Lecturer in Egyptology; CMES Senior Research Scholar

Barbara Richter is a Lecturer in Egyptology in the Department of Near Eastern Studies, where
she earned her degrees in Egyptology (M.A., 2008; Ph.D., 2012) and has taught the various
stages and scripts of the ancient language since 2008. Before pursuing her life-long interest in the
languages and cultures of the ancient Near East, she earned an A.B. degree in music from
Stanford University.

Dr. Richter’s primary research interest is in the ancient Egyptian language and religion, with
particular emphasis on the texts and their multi-layered stylistic devices. Her recent book shows
how texts, reliefs, and architecture work together within the three-dimensional space of the
Temple of Hathor at Dendera, creating interrelationships that cross boundaries and mirror the
complexity of the divine Creation.

Current projects include a Demotic grammar book, and the translation and stylistic analysis of a
Ptolemaic child’s coffin in the Hearst Museum of Anthopology. Dr. Richter is also a contributing
researcher for the Script Encoding Initiative of UC Berkeley’s Linguistics Department, which is
encoding the extended sign list of Egyptian hieroglyphs into Unicode.

Courses taught by Dr Richter at UC Berkeley include EGYPT 100AB (Introduction to Egyptian
Hieroglyphs); EGYPT 204A (Introduction to Demotic); EGYPT 204B (Demotic Texts); EGYPT
205 (Ptolemaic Egyptian Hieroglyphs); EGYPT 101AB (Intermediate Egyptian); NES 103
(Egyptian Religion); NES 198 (Late Period Hieratic).

The Theology of Hathor of Dendera: Aural and Visual Scribal Techniques in the Per-wer
Sanctuary. Wilbour Studies in Egyptology and Assyriology 4. Atlanta: Lockwood Press for
Brown University, 2016.
“Gods, Priests, and Bald Men: A New Look at Book of the Dead 103 (‘Being Beside Hathor’).”
In The Book of the Dead, Saite through Ptolemaic Periods: A Study of Traditions Evident in
Versions of Texts and Vignettes, ed. Malcolm Mosher. SPBD Studies 12. Prescott, AZ: SPBD
Studies, 519–540, 2019.
“On the Heels of the Wandering Goddess: The Myth and the Festival at the Temples of the Wadi
el-Hallel and Dendera.” In 8. Ägyptologische Tempeltagung: Interconnections between Temples:
Warsaw, 22. – 25. September 2008, ed. Monika Dolińska and Horst Beinlich. Königtum, Staat
und Gesellschaft Früher Hochkulturen 3.3. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 155–186, 2010.
“The Amduat and its Relationship to the Architecture of Early New Kingdom Burial Chambers.”
Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt 44, 73–104, 2008.
Keywords: Ancient Egypt, religion, mythology, language, stylistic devices, texts, reliefs,

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