Heba Alnajada


Heba Alnajada is a Ph.D. Candidate in Architecture History at the University of California at Berkeley. Her Ph.D. research situates the spaces that Syrian refugees inhabit in Jordan today within a rich history of providing and building refuge in the Sham region and the larger Arab and Muslim worlds. Ones that are connected to (and not separate from) those of Muslim Ottoman refugees (after 1878) and Palestinian refugees (since 1948). Heba received her undergraduate degree in Architecture from the University of Jordan and her master’s degree in Urban Design from the University of Sheffield. Her Ph.D. studies build on her previous experience as an NGO architect working in Palestinian refugee camps. Her dissertation fieldwork has been funded by the CMES’ Sultan Program in Arab Studies and Al-Falah Program in Islamic Studies, the IJURR Foundation, the Critical Refugee Studies Collective, and the Institute of International Studies, the Global Metropolitan Studies, and the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley.