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Jaleh Pirnazar

Jaleh Pirnazar

Persian Language Coordinator; Senior Research Scholar, CMES

Jaleh Pirnazar has been teaching in the Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of California, Berkeley, since 1970. She has particular interest in Iranian Cinema, Persian Literature, Literature in Exile, and Language Teaching Pedagogy. She teaches Persian Language Courses: Elementary, Intermediate, Heritage (track courses), Modern Persian Literature, Classical Persian Literature, Iranian Film and Fiction.


“Voice of Exile,” in The Literary Review, vol.40, No 1, 1996
“Teaching Persian to Persians,” Persian Review Magazine, 1998
“The Jadid-al Islams” of Mashhad, Iran Nameh, vol XIX, Nos. 1-2, 2001
“The Image of the Iranian Jew in the Writings of Three Modernist Writers,” Iran Nameh, Vol. XIII, no 4, 1995
“World War Two and Iranian Journalism,” Terua, 1998
“Iranian Jews, Journalism and Identity,” Terua, 2003
“The Anusim of Mashhad,” Esther’s Children, A Portrait of Iranian Jews, 2002

Keywords: Iranian Jewry; Persian; Persian Literature; Pedagogy   

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