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Rutie Adler

Rutie Adler

Hebrew Language Coordinator, Department of Near Eastern Studies; Senior Research Scholar, CMES

Rutie Adler has been teaching Hebrew language courses in the Department of Near Eastern Studies since 1986. She designed and implemented the UCB Hebrew site

Among the courses she teaches regularly are: Intermediate and advanced Hebrew, Hebrew Literature, Structure of Hebrew, Advanced Biblical Hebrew, Hebrew Conversation, Teaching Hebrew in College, and Intensive Summer Workshops in Hebrew language.


ZE LO NORA: Reference Book for Students of Hebrew. Cascade Press, 2012

“A Canopy in the Desert” (Co-translator from the Hebrew), Abba Kovner, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1973.


Ze Ma Yesh I: Textbook for Beginning Hebrew

Ze Ma Yesh II: Textbook for Intermediate Hebrew

“Yellow Pages for Hebrew Verbs” (reference manual and glossary for Hebrew verbs).

Keywords: Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew

Center for Middle Eastern Studies
University of California, Berkeley
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