Ancient Middle East

The Ancient Middle East cluster at CMES focuses on the study of the material cultures, languages, histories and religions that developed around the geographical areas of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, which have been traditionally seen as “the cradle of civilization”. At CMES, these areas are contextualized within the wider frame of the Middle Eastern Studies and according to an interdisciplinary, collaborative and innovative approach, with a special attention to the history of reception and by including the use of cutting-edge technology to analyze ancient artifacts and to digitally visualize inscriptions, museum objects,  monuments and  archaeological sites. The CMES research and outreach activities on the Ancient Middle East are conducted in close relationship to those of the Department of the Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures (MELC), to whom the core faculty and students belong.

Sunrise at Creation, from the Book of the Dead of Khensumose

Greenstone seal of Adda, British Museum 32572001