Art -- Histories & Practices

The aim of the art initiative at CMES is to cultivate a community of engaged thinking about visual research and work in the creative arts in the fullest context of the South West Asian and North African regions sometimes dubbed the "Middle East." Our programming includes lectures, artist talks and residencies, studio visits, exhibition initiatives and public outreach, working groups, the occasional field trip, and more.

Image of animation still from "Letters" installation

Installation shot from the CMES-UCB Library exhibition "Letters | الحروف How Artists Reimagined Language in the Age of Decolonization" (2023). Screen shows Amentü Gemisi Nasıl Yürüdü (1969, dir. Tonguç Yaşar)

Faculty Affiliates

Asma Kazmi (Art Practice)

Anneka Lenssen (History of Art)