Islamic Studies Initiative

At its core, the Initiative in Islamic Studies is cross-disciplinary.  It aims to foster research and training in the field of Islamic Studies that will incorporate the traditional philological, historical, and developmental approach to Islam into suitable theoretical frameworks and perspectives drawn from allied disciplines (such as ethnography, literary criticism, sociology, and anthropology).  This innovative approach to the field will lead research and teaching in the textual traditions that are fundamental to virtually every aspect of Islamic Studies, while bringing such work to bear on contemporary topics of global and transregional concern.

Information on student and faculty grants for Islamic Studies research can be found here.

Faculty Affiliates

Azza Ahmad

Wali Ahmadi

Asad Q. Ahmed

Benjamin Brinner

Peter Bartu

Ahmad Diab

Elsa Elmahdy

Samera Esmeir

Munis Faruqui

Emily Gottreich

Bruce Hall

John Hayes

Charles Hirschkind

Abhishek Kaicker

Ethan Katz

Asma Kazmi

Margaret Larkin

Anneka Lenssen

Haitham Mohamed

Maria Mavroudi

Nasser Meerkhan

Minoo Moallem

Laura Nader

Stefania Pandolfo

Christine Philliou

Cihan Tugal

Jason Vivrette