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Karen Barkey

Karen Barkey

Haas Distinguished Chair of Religious Diversity; Professor of Sociology; Senior Research Scholar, CMES

Karen Barkey is Haas Distinguished Chair of Religious Diversity and Professor of Sociology. Her areas of specialization include historical and political sociology, religious and ethnic toleration, nationhood and forms of nationalism, state control and dissent against imperial states, and the Ottoman Empire in comparative perspective. Prior to joining Berkeley, Prof. Barkey was Professor and Director of the Institute for Religion, Culture, and Public Life (IRCPL) at Columbia University. She earned her Ph.D. from the University Chicago, M.A. from the University of Washington, and A.B. from Bryn Mawr College.


Barkey, Karen. 2016. “The Ottoman Empire (1299-1923): The Bureaucratization of Patrimonial Authority.” In Empire and Bureaucracy, edited by Peter Crooks and Timothy Parsons. Cambridge University Press.

Barkey, Karen, and George Gavrilis. 2016. “The Ottoman Millet System: Non-Territorial Autonomy and Its Contemporary Legacy.” Ethnopolitics 15 (1): 24–42. doi:10.1080/17449057.2015.1101845.

Barkey, Karen. 2014. “Una Mirada SociolóGica Sobre La Tolerancia.” La Maleta de Portbou No. 8 (Religión y Razón: Nuevas Cartas sobre la Tolerncia). http://www.lamaletadeportbou.com/articulo/una-mirada-sociologica-sobre-l....

Barkan, Elazar, and Karen Barkey, eds. 2014. Choreographies of Shared Sacred Sites: Religion, Politics, and Conflict Resolution. New York: Columbia University Press.

Keywords: Historical and Political Sociology; Toleration; Nationalism; Ottoman Studies; Religion and Culture

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