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Smadar Ben-Natan

Smadar Ben-Natan

Visiting Scholar

Smadar Ben-Natan is a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies. She is an Israeli human rights lawyer and a Ph.D. candidate at Tel-Aviv University Law Faculty. Her research interests are the social study of law and legal institutions, specifically the intersection of criminal justice, national security, and human rights. Her Ph.D. project titled “Citizen-Enemies” explores military courts inside Israel and in the Occupied Palestinian territories between 1967-2000 as an articulation of “enemy penology”, combining postcolonial and social theory.

Smadar holds a Master in International Human Rights Law, with distinction, from the University of Oxford, 2011, and an LLB from Tel-Aviv University, 1995. She is also a visiting scholar at the Center for the Study of Law and Society, UC Berkeley.


Constitutional Mindset: The Interrelations between Constitutional Law and International Law in the Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights

50(2) Israel Law Review 139-176 (2017)

The Israeli Supreme Court and the Occupied Territories: The Last Diamond in the King’s Crown

In: 50 Terms, Testimonies and Representations of Occupation, November Books (2017) (Hebrew)

The Application of Israeli Law in the Military Courts of the Occupied Palestinian Territory

43 Theory and Criticism, Van-Leer institute 2014 (Hebrew)

Freedom of Speech, Racism and Pornography: A Comment on the Playboy Channel Decision

In: Hertzog and Shadmi, eds., Blood Money: Prostitution, Sex Trafficking and Pornography in Israel, Pardes (2013) (Hebrew)

Are There Prisoners in This War?

In: Baker and Matar, eds., Threat: Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israel, Pluto Press (2011)

Since He is a Patriot

In Hacker and Ziv, eds., Does Law Matter? Tel-Aviv University Law Faculty Press (2010) (Hebrew)

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